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Activities to Alleviate Depression

Depression drains your energy, hope and drive, making it difficult to complete even the smallest tasks. Everything feels more challenging when you are dealing with depression, such as going to work, socializing, and even rolling out of bed can be a struggle. It is a serious mental illness that can interfere with a person’s life. Finding ways to climb out of a depressive episode is not easy, but fortunately, many things can help distract from the debilitating feelings of this mood disorder.

Indoor Activities to Help With Depression

Sometimes depression can make it difficult to get out of bed, so leaving your house is usually not something you may look forward to. While there are benefits of getting outside in nature, there are plenty of activities to do indoors when you are feeling depressed.

Cooking: There is no doubt that eating healthy food is beneficial for our bodies, but some evidence shows that preparing meals can also have a positive impact on the mind. Cooking is an excellent way to keep busy and clear the head. Kitchen tasks, such as chopping or stirring makes the act of cooking meditative, which is nourishing and can help rejuvenate your mood.

Crafts: Creativity is a great way to express yourself and unleash your inner artist. Some studies suggest that painting pictures, making music, sewing, or decorating baked goods can have positive benefits for mental health. 

Baths: Baths are one of the simplest forms of self-care, and there are proven benefits that baths can have a positive effect on your mental health. A small study in Germany found that taking a hot bath every day could help treat depression better than exercise can. While spending time in the tub likely won’t make your depression go away entirely, it could ease some of the symptoms. Grab some bath bubbles, a good book, and maybe even some candles to help your mind relax.

Reading: Reading is a positive habit, no matter what you read. When you read, you stimulate your brain and make it active. Reading helps keep the brain occupied with something you enjoy and fills your mind with positive content, which further generates positive energy. Find a good book or other reading material you enjoy and get lost in the pages.

Outdoor Activities to Help With Depression

Whether you are in a serious depressive episode or just need a boost, try getting outside. Spending time outdoors can help you manage your mental health and is a great way to try to beat depression.

Go for a walk: Moderate-intensity exercise, or even just going for a stroll around the park, can help ease depression symptoms. Staying active, being outside, and moving has shown to improve mood due to the increased endorphins that come from physical activity.

Gardening: Working with plants and getting your hands a little dirty can lessen the severity of depression. Gardening provides a way to engage with nature, and spending time in nature is associated with increased emotion regulation and decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety. Put your gloves on, grab your gardening tools, and plant some flowers!

Hiking: The many mental health benefits of hiking can put you in a better mood and help with depressive thoughts. While hiking can be a distraction, it is also a great opportunity to be with your thoughts and understand your depression. It can also help you disconnect from day-to-day life. Hiking allows you to get away from the chaos and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

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